How do I use this thing?

Enter a search term, hit search. In you go. Combine fields for an interesting analysis.

How do I get around?

Once you are in, you can go back to the search page from the “Back to Search” links at the top and bottom of the page. Same with the “Back to Results” links, when you are in an article.

You”ll always come back to your place while browsing.

What’s this?

Our gazelle takes you back to the search page, too. She’s at the bottom of the screen.

What’s this?

This gazelle, at the bottom of the search page, takes you to a “Browse by Author” screen. Using the gazelle, you can toggle back and forth between each search option.

What is African Book Portals?

ABP is the quickest way to delve into a body of literature. Enter your interest and ABP shares what it knows.

Why “African” Book Portals?

All national literature is important, but there has never been a time when we have needed the philosophy and insight of African authors more.

How can you be so sure?

Try it and tell me.

How do I do that?